3 Week Diet is Science

300x250-womenThe 3 Week Diet Program is science based diets program that can influence weight lose with 12-23 pounds within 21 days. The program includes four key manuals which cover separate categories of the program. The 3 Week Diet Program designer is Brian Flatt a sports nutritionist, health trainer and a personal trainer. Brian has been in the nutrition industry since the 90s and he is also the owner of a fitness store based in southern California.

The introduction manual

You will have to start with this manual. The manual breaks down all the science behind the body storage of fats and goes ahead to explain what you will need to do in order to achieve the fat reduction. In the manual, you will also get the supplements to use with the diet.

Diet manual

The manual provides all the information you will require to plan a well personalized balanced diet for your body. Additionally, the author goes an extra step to explain exactly what you will need to do and what to avoid. In the dieting, you will need to avoid some foods at all cost since they work in reducing fat burn.

Workout manual

The workout manual is optional although Brian has recommended its usage stating that you will need it to double your results. The workout manual consists of home based system although you will get a version that will require you to attend a gym. You will need the workout for 20 minutes 3-4 days every week. Compared to other workouts, it will work in ensuring a good planning of your day time. In the workout manual, you will get the midsection workout miracle, which is a killer abs workout. The midsection workout is in two categories which are essential in the trimming of your stomach.

The mindset and the motivation manual

This is an exceptional manual which you will hardly get in other diet programs and it is the section where result observations will happen. The manual helps you to think about fat loss in a positive way, which in turn influences weight loss in a large amount. The author shows you how the challenges you will encounter in the 21 day period are positive in your life and in turn influences positive action. The positive actions are essential in attaining good results after the program.

How will the 3 Week Diet program work?

The step to starting the program is the easiest as you will only pay for the manuals after which you will download them for use. The manual will assist you in the planning for the diet in an easy way. The next step will be to read the whole manual to get everything that you will need for a whole diet plan.

Who is the target candidate for the Three Week Diet program?

The diet program targets every person regardless of the age or body type. Moreover, the program will also work regardless of your eating habit and whether you are a vegetarian or a vegan. However, the main target of the program is those people who have tried many diet programs and have never acquired their target results. If you will manage to remain in the diet program for 21 days and you are also targeting to lose 12-23 pounds within such a period, then you are the best candidate for the diet program.

As with all weight losing diets, there is a requirement for you to lose the amount of weight you target. One of the requirements is to fore-go the habits that led you to the current position. Mostly the habits will work against your aim and therefore you end up losing no weight. You will need to adopt new habits.

Cons and Pros of the 3 Week Diet program


. You will incur some extra costs due to the recommended supplements.
. There is no hard copies of the diet program in the market.
. The topics in the manuals are detailed.
. It also has many scientific references.


. The diet program will make you lose 12-23 pounds within 21 days, which is a very short period.

. The program has other added advantages including reduced cellulite, improved cholesterol levels and increased energy levels.

. You can easily download the program instantly from an online store.

. In addition, the workouts in the program are home based and you will not incur extra charges in a gym.

. The motivation manual will enable you to remain in the program for the 21 days period.


Many people have testified to have attained positive results after following the program successively. In addition, the program includes a 60 day guarantee and therefore you should expect positive results from the program.